Staffing Service

Managed Skilled Staffing

JW Techworks is a leader in providing safe, skilled productive staffing services. Supported by our international standard human resources
and procurement department teams.

We take complete responsibility for sourcing
  Talent Acquisition and Recruiting (VMS, LTSS).
  Talent Management - IT, Non-IT positions.
  Technical Recruiting & Placement of Software Engineers and Developers (both Onsite as well as Offshore).

We will work closely with you in handling of contract staffing for various projects during interview process and client interaction.

Tailored staffing services to suit your company

We provide staff on a contract and permanent basis across a range of industries, including: IT, NON-IT, Healthcare/Insurance and many more.
Our experience extends from managing staffing groups to short-term contract staffing.

We have also successfully completed multiple project in India.

JW Tech Works strives to set the right culture to provide the right environment to employees which results into better output and productivity
of employee and therefore happy clients.

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